NORTHPORT                          ENERGY
We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

​Surrounded by Lake Michigan, magnificent sand dunes, orchards, vineyards, and northern hardwood forests, Leelanau County is a feast for the eyes and the senses. While we live here and enjoy its beauty today, our legacy is to hand our environment off to future generations
in as good or better condition than it was left to us.
Northport Energy is proud to be one among many great groups that protect our land, air and water.
At Northport Energy we believe in action.

We are taking action to encourage all citizens to implement energy conservation and efficiency.

We conceive and advocate for community green projects.
We inform and educate anyone who will listen.
And we provide energy efficiency consultation and free home energy audits
to assist those who wish to move forward.
Northport Energy’s goal is to transform the Leelanau peninsula
into a community 100 percent powered by efficient and sustainable energy sources."
Doug McInnis, President 

Community Renewable Energy Plan

Toward attaining our goal of generating 100% of our energy from local, renewable sources, Northport Energy teamed with University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) graduate students to develop a Community Renewable Energy Plan.  
This effort joined a Masters Degree Project Team from the SNRE with Northport Energy. The project included a community survey, resource assessments for wind and solar power, as well as site identification for future renewable energy systems. The survey revealed that 71% of comunity respondants were supportive of the initiative. Most importantly, the resource assessments concluded that resource availability is enough to achieve the stated goal of 100% renewable electicity for our community. Finally, the report identifies three different scenarios for achieving the goal.

Read the entire project report by clicking on the image at right.