NORTHPORT                          ENERGY
To transform the Leelanau Peninsula
into a community 100 percent powered by efficient and sustainable energy sources.

- Implement energy conservation and efficiency
- Conceive and advocate for community green projects
- Inform and educate individuals, households and communities
- Perform energy efficiency consultation and home energy audits



- Initial formation of Northport Energy Action Task Force

- First monthly meeting held in January

- First energy audits conducted for low-income families

- Northport Energy website goes on line

- Registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit with the State of Michigan
- Leelanau Community Energy LLC formed as a for-profit partner to establish eligibility for funding opportunities
- Members made multiple presentations to village, township and county government boards
and committees proposing renewable energy projects, including a wind turbine
​at the Northport wastewater treatment facility

- Conducted 12-month wind feasibility study at the proposed Wastewater Treatment plant turbine site
and completed avian study that concluded bird kills would be highly unlikely
- Held day-long Energy Expo at Leelanau Township Library

- Partnered with Leelanau Community Energy to purchase and install a Vesta V20 120 kW wind turbine
​at the Northport Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The wind turbine was officially commissioned November 14, 2012 via a net metering contract with Consumers Energy. The Village of Northport receives income based on a portion of the annual revenues generated.
- Sponsored free Solar Workshop at Leelanau Township Fire Hall.


- Assisted with installation of solar electric systems for Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region’s Depot project

- Partnered with Leelanau Community Energy to purchase and install a 30 kW solar array at the
Northport Wastewater Treatment Facility
- Northport Creek Golf Course solar project phase-2 completed with two ground mounted, solar tracking arrays
​The system provides 100% golf course and club house energy requirements
- Informational booth at Leelanau Uncaged
- Leelanau Township Renewable Energy Study Completed by University of Michigan
School of Natural Resources and the Environment graduate students

- Northport Energy updates internal branding components and plan
- Second project with University of Michigan graduate students approved
- Northport Energy Logo and Website updated
- Assisted with approval and funding for Northport School senior project installing a solar array at the school
- Partnered with League of Women Voters to host the first Leelanau County Solar Harvest Tour
- Led a successful campaign to pressure Cherryland Electric Cooperative to expand its renewable energy offerings

- Membership in the Northport-Omena Chamber of Commerce
- Membership on the Northport Leadership Team
- Sponsorship of two Music-In-The-Park events
- Participation at Leelanau Uncaged
- Wrote & received Leelanau Township Community Foundation Grant for Public Education Initiatives
- Design and installation of educational signage at major wind and solar sites
- Doubled our paid memberships
- Assisted the Village of Northport with the installation of the first free public EV chargers on the peninsula
- Successfully interved in behalf of local solar owners at the State Tax Office changing solar system treatedment