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We offer the following documents as worthwhile reading. 
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A report from the U.S. Department of Energy on how the energy revolution is transforming the business of energy and the health of the planet.
A spring 2016 report stating that  affordable 100 percent renewable energy is now within our reach.
The Clean Power Plan, as presented by President Obama on August 3, 2015, setting out national standards to address carbon pollution in the United States.
Institute for Energy Innovation (IEI) report on the Economic Impact of Distributed Generation to Non-Solar Customers.  Speaks to a primary point of contention made by fossil fuel supporters. 
While carbon-based fuels struggle greatly, renewables soar on dropping prices and greater efficiency.
A renewable energy think tank looks at the implications of "Grid Defection" - those who choose to exit the grid by using solar and battery, combination systems. 
A utility industry association outlines the economics, challenges and responses to the disruptive changes caused by renewable energy. 
An excellent 2017 article on the challenges of moving to 100% renewable energy.
A detailed 2016 analysis of how incentives impact solar implementation.
While renewables enjoy huge successes, there are still barriers that stand in the way of unlocking their full potential in Michigan. 
A report discussing how the renewable energy revolution can also be a significant source of new, middle class jobs.