We of Northport Energy are proud of our accomplishments. 
Below are examples of some projects undertaken in the greater Northport area.
Our new logo was designed in 2016 by our members in an interractive process led by Dan Malski, a professional industrial designer and Northport Energy volunteer. The logo incorporates the essential elements of earth, water, wind and the sun. The elements are encircled by three arrows, the internationally recognized symbol for recylcling.
The goal of this project was to build a wind turbine to support the electrical needs of the Northport Leelanau Township Wastewater Treatment Plant at no cost to the village. The actual location, "Village Hill" is approximately 500 ft southwest of the facility.

The wind turbine selected for this project was a Vestas V-20. It is a 120 kw turbine on a 40 meter (131 ft) monopole tower. The Vestas has a three blade, fixed-pitch system with a diameter of 20 meters (66 ft). In addition there is a 96 panel solar array at the site capable of providing 30 kw. The wind turbine and solar array are connected to the local utility grid in a relationship called a "net metering." 

​All construction was performed with local resources. Installation of the solar array as pictured below was done by Northport Energy volunteers. In addition, the access road, electrical interconnection, excavation, foundation and system erection were all done locally.  
Leelanau Community Energy (LCE) LLC investors committed over $275,000 to get the project underway. Revenue generated from the wind tower will first be used to pay back the investors. During this period a lease fee is paid to the village for the use of the land. The Village in turn pays LCE for the power generated. Once the loans are repaid, (about 12 years) all revenue will go directly to the Village.
The wind turbine was placed in operation in November of 2012. Today, the turbine produces about 110,000 kWh per year (or about 15,000 kWh per month). This is enough to power about one-half of the electricity needs of the treatment plant or about 10 homes annually.
In July of 2014 the Northport Creek Golf Course opened for play.  

On opening, the course was partially powered by a ground array of sixteen, adjustable-tilt solar modules comprised of one hundred ninety two, 255 watt solar panels expected to provide approximately 64,000 kW hours/year.
In 2015, phase 2 of the solar project was completed with the addition of two ground mounted, solar tracking arrays.

Today, Northport Creek Golf Course is the first golf course in Michigan to be 100% solar powered and the fifth in the nation. The solar system powers all course operations, including golf cart battery recharging, the irrigation system and the clubhouse. The system is expected to pay for itself in 8-9 years, after which the couse will operate without an electric bill.

Watch the Northport Creek solar arrays make energy by clicking here!